Glacier Media

Digital Project Coordinator/ Video Producer

Production coordinator on the integration of various digital marketing products including web advertisements, websites and other branding initiatives for Glacier Media's various print publications and digital services with a specialization in video productions and responsible for project conceptualization, development and final deliverable.

FLIP Digital Demo Reel

This is Glacier Media Digital's (previously known as FLIP Digital) video demo reel highlighting the variety in clients and content the video department worked with over the course of two years. Each clip from a business represents a complete marketing promotional video that our team produced. In total Chris produced over 150  promotional videos for different businesses in British Columbia.


Richmond BC Alert System

Video created for the City of Richmond alongside a larger digital marketing campaign to promote the Richmond BC Alert System.

UBC- Beaty Biodiversity Museum

Promotional video created for the Beaty Biodiversity Museum at The University of British Columbia as featured on

Metta Rest Spa

Promotional video co-created with the Graeme Meiklejohn for Metta Rest Spa highlighting their float tanks and the overall experience of using sensory deprivation tanks. 

Vancouver Music Gallery

Marketing video highlighting Vancouver Music Gallery’s show room and variety of services.